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The Sad Story Of Wamalwa Kijana's Unwanted Kids After The Death Of Their Parents | All Comments

2021-02-02 13:00:14
Wamalwa Kijana was one of the most influential politicians in Kenya until his untimely death in August 2003 that left the whole country in mourning. He and his wife Yvonne had two kids Michelle 'Chichi' Wamalwa and Derrick Mboya who was a child of Yvonne, ...
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    02-04 14:58:53

    And this is africa where your brother can't wait for you to die so as he or she can grab everything poleni sana watoto

  • KenyanM

    02-03 05:48:11

    It is not the fault of any child to be persecuted for the parents acts in the past if any? 🤔,. But it shows the true colors of our leaders who pose for cameras and journalists with eloquence, when thier close relatives are in dire need of rescue from life challenges. This is a real SHAME. 😔, but i can only advise the kids to create a till no for Mpesa for Kenyans to assist. A child belongs to a community, nobody has to suffer this way after being brought up in such dignity. SHETANI ASHINDWE KABISA 😔🙏.

  • +254-71320****

    02-03 01:51:49

    these needs help although when their was alive she tried to grab more shares or resources at the expense of other kids to ebrich hers only. she died before taking a big junk... she attracts the wrath of steo kids ..

  • GUEST_aM4mG7wVW

    02-02 15:30:46

    Eugene ukweli ni mbaya helping hand please.

  • +254-72297****

    02-02 20:47:08

    retribution time will come but in astonger fashion, let's all watch our steps

  • Xxxy

    02-03 10:53:22

    It's called Greed. Time will heal Wamalwa's siblings. Its important not to antagonize the dead.

  • MelchizedekPrince

    02-03 06:06:08

    Kijana Wamalwa in all astuteness and eloquence did not leave a clear will?!


    02-02 19:03:49

    let's look at the two sides of the coin, how was the other siblings treated when the parents were alive? maybe they had all the attention when the rest were suffering and are now revenging.

  • GUEST_9a8RvP6Al

    02-02 18:43:22

    What goes round comes round. It definitely will.

  • +254-72005****

    02-02 17:34:54

    God will intervene

  • GUEST_ow3Z813km

    02-02 17:14:02

    Africans love of wealth!

  • DorcusMwenze

    02-02 16:30:20

    this is baaad


    02-02 16:28:48

    Eugene! eugene! eugene !, How many times ,3 three times, my bro you be judged accordingly!!! Shame on you


    02-02 16:25:21

    Naskia he is their old bro

  • +254-72092****

    02-02 15:12:10

    why can't Eugene hip in for help

  • GirlinSpecs

    02-02 14:07:29

    so sad

  • +254-71320****

    02-03 08:25:10

    women learn from this being a piglet to other step kids exposes yours too at one point.. the favoured kids will be mistreated hellish when an opportunity comes..

  • Kairitu

    02-03 14:48:46


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