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Ruto And Hustler Nation Wake Up To Good News As A Lawyer Clears The Air On His Hague Mission. | All Comments

2021-02-05 06:14:15
Deputy president William Ruto and his hurstler nation can now sigh with relief as lawyer Paul Gicheru reveals his major intention of going to the Hague. Gicheru was Ruto's lawyer whom ICC had accused of bribing witnesses that were supposed to testify again ...
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  • MeshachSitati

    02-05 08:31:32


  • GUEST_4XVk95qY6

    02-05 10:42:56


  • GUEST_n6yE046Z5

    02-05 23:03:46

    BBI shouldn't invent rotational presidency. it should retain electoral presidency coupled with nominations from other tribes to compensate for shortcomings of the electoral presidency

  • KosgeiOgey

    02-05 09:11:51

    He realized things in Hague is Not easy nor petty....Pole Sana bro!!

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