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Kenya's 'Poorest' Senator, Owns A Phone Worth Sh 10,000 And Hates Suits | All Comments

2021-01-13 15:42:53
Can you imagine that a member of parliament,earning over 1 million shillings,can still be ‘poor’? Joking,Right?Yes,this is very possible when the MP chooses to lead a simple life despite having the power that is usually characterised by opulence and gr ...
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  • GUEST_0V7V0mBzy

    01-13 18:13:11

    msiletee kangata , laleni na zenu . f***k.

  • GUEST_7WnkLadOP

    01-14 01:01:07

    kupimia watu tu!This guy is very very rich. chini ya maji

  • JosephKariukiMunyeria

    01-13 19:22:41

    I like him

  • +254-70570****

    01-13 19:08:38

    sasa unawashwa nini c niyake...........

  • GUEST_l8lOxgYJN

    01-13 21:54:10

    Poorest! My foot. where does he take his million salary?


    01-14 13:03:42

    Those imagining Kang'ata is poor must be very ignorant...he is currently handling cases worthy hundreds of millions..eg he is the pursuing cases of the Kenyan who lost their lives in Ethiopia Airlines and many other high profile cases besides receiving 27m from Waiguru just the other day 😄. Is that the Kenyan definition of poverty??? Ama it's wheelbarrow mentality imezidi


    01-14 09:25:16

    My senator is simple man he lives simple life ,Kuna time nilikutana na yeye akiendea mamake maziwa in sleepers when he was kiharu mp.i like his simplicity.very humble

  • GUEST_jmz9agPNo

    01-14 07:47:42

    he's not athief lk others

  • Mantra-News

    01-14 07:24:48

    I hate suits too

  • KiprotichLekaunye_01

    01-14 07:09:09


  • GUEST_obVzMxbor

    01-14 07:03:49

    nonsense, he was even charles Rubia's lawyer earler on before his death,

  • SimonMathenge_01

    01-14 05:54:55

    Having married, it's just a matter of time and he will be a different animal

  • любовник

    01-14 05:50:33

    senators are poor generally if they don't steal. they don't make much money as everyone wants to think


    01-14 05:36:22

    Who is kangata fooling.

  • Blogger505

    01-14 04:11:26

    I only believed the story when i read he used to be a dj. Djs like expensive and flamboyant lifestyle.

  • +254-72124****

    01-13 19:09:57

    He got ellected.... Whatever happened to English.

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