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See JKL's Guest "American Mukurino And His Mzungu Wife" Beautiful Moments | All Comments

2021-02-18 05:04:22
Jeff Koinange on Wednesday night had a different show with rare guests who were not known before.Normally he hosts political, corporate leaders or other trending personalities in the country.Jeff's guest was David Wachira who resides in Austin, Texas in th ...
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  • PhiliphMaina

    02-18 08:54:03

    eeh that mukurino is tough though , marrying a wife without a turban and a mzungu on top of that , hehehe

  • GUEST_nJNo92xwe

    02-18 07:58:13

    Indeed true love does not discriminate. It is helpful, it does not lose faith, etc. God bless your marriage.

  • JohnHuma

    02-18 23:24:54

    Tell us more about "THE YOUTH ENGAGEMENT SOCIETY"

  • GUEST_VzlgZLlX4

    02-18 07:34:33

    Wow! Nice

  • 1Bob

    02-18 20:42:00

    OJ killed a white bitch

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