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"This is Why I Have Dumped Ruto to Support Uhuru and the Handshake" Mt Kenya MP Reveals | All Comments

2021-04-07 11:12:00
Mt Kenya politics have dominated the headlines in the recent days especially due to the existence of both Tangatanga and Kieleweke factions.The Tangatanga faction supports the deputy president, William Ruto, while Kieleweke supports president Uhuru Kenyatt ...
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  • FrankMwai

    04-07 13:57:01

    Mr Kiai its the end of the road for you.


    04-07 13:58:29

    Ruto and tangatanga spread lies about BBI, time to reckon is coming


    04-07 14:55:55

    At last you have seen the light

  • Gitwamba

    04-07 14:01:52

    ngai wanandi wata wachwa peke yao, pole dugu zanguni


    04-08 08:43:02

    you dumped your constituents not ruto.and to us u are of no consequence. There r those that can have impact when they change tune not u.

  • ChriskKim

    04-07 15:06:55

    Never heard of kiai. must be a ddull clueless mp

  • GUEST_K28R46aBW

    04-07 14:41:05

    Wewe kwisha nadhani wewe niwale tunaita one term MP. Kuwa na msimamo.

  • simonkariuki_01

    04-08 09:29:23

    Ati Anthony who? I have never heard him. He will make zero impact against hustler nation.

  • GUEST_RekyvkP3X

    04-07 17:28:52


  • +254-070134****

    04-07 12:39:45

    Time for chickens coming home to roost is with us after alot of hullabaloos that BBI is meant for positions and has bad intentions and now apity that you want to own the same document did it change overnight to become milk and honey.


    04-07 17:18:32

    Do this have any effect on Ruto? He is even unpopular in his own constituency. Looking for some handout.

  • GUEST_lAxkJz544

    04-07 17:16:21

    Upto this point many haven't known that BBI isn't for Kenyans but for leaders?

  • GUEST_58vbxGXbB

    04-07 14:16:30

    am team ruto come rain or shine.

  • GUEST_5gqrjXkv4

    04-07 18:13:23

    Umeokopa kabando wa kabando

  • +254-072166****

    04-07 17:52:09

    Do we still have BBI?

  • JohnN.Kuria

    04-07 21:40:08

    Huyu mp Hana msimamo. Hypocrisy of the highest standard.

  • +254-72258****

    04-07 17:08:46

    sawa pitisheni haraka haraka halafu mumteme baba ndio lengo lenu tuone wenye wataumia ni akina nani

  • GUEST_rnB14VX0w

    04-07 18:28:23



    04-07 16:44:29

    Huyu at a sijamsikia

  • RobertJuliusParsitau

    04-07 14:51:42

    They ruto's spy,Uhuru shouldn't trust them,hao na sonko tabia same

  • GUEST_G8DdO1wMq

    04-07 14:17:04

    Wewe Gitwamba kwani wakalenjin walikuwa na nani wa kuwawacha peke yao?????sisi tulikuwa na pesa zao ambayo walituibia sisi wananchi. walijileta kwao sababu ya ICC na watatuwacha wakienda ICC period.

  • GUEST_k7dr2bB5m

    04-08 05:28:42

    He is done wait for next year he will jump again

  • BenIkasi_01

    04-07 16:04:07

    very calculated moves how do you call kieleweke mp or claim he has decamped from tangatanga.....? bure kabisa

  • GUEST_xJDx1vE4g

    04-07 12:54:28

    bbi is a fraud which kenya doesn't need

  • FrankNaivasha

    04-07 21:15:23

    Our camp is not shacken a wink. I'll be surprised if 10 people followed him. He's the most unpopular among Mt. Kenya region MP's.

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