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Leave Alone Recce Squad, Meet KECAG Force Kenya's Most Dangerous Unit That Has Been Killing Alshabab | All Comments

2021-02-11 06:09:29
Kenya's military has by far formulated several special forces that are tasked to the country and government in certain ways when forms of insecurity arises within and outside the country. ...
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  • BenardTonui_03

    02-11 17:36:22

    hawako do research well

  • +254-079557****

    02-12 06:18:35

    nao ni dangerous kweli, mwanzo hizo mavazi peke yake yanatisha ,hayo mavazi yanakuuwa

  • GUEST_L3xkAAX62

    02-11 20:11:24

    This is very good we know our country is guarded and safe

  • GUEST_g02v2Za0g

    02-11 16:06:37

    Proud of them

  • MakokhaGilbert

    02-11 18:12:19

    Kenya gvt must invest in security more like ths special unity

  • GUEST_8ylnX89zN

    02-12 20:55:24

    it's true that force exist it's members were among the highly specialized force which captured kismayu without any gun shooot

  • NicholasKiriinya

    02-12 03:30:02

    it a good step taken to make the country better place for their people to stay.

  • fanwelomondiAkeyo_01

    02-11 18:36:16

    proud of them. this are ladies and gentlemen who have morged their life for their beloved country's security. Halafu when on leave police wa kawaida arrests him eti hana mask?


    02-11 16:32:20

    Great Kenyans.

  • 567346

    02-11 17:33:48

    na mnakuaga hapa Kenya wakati alshab wanamaliza watu hatijawahiski sofa zenu.


    02-12 07:06:13

    AP special forces,SOG

  • GUEST_eAPkeA146

    02-12 01:02:00

    for sure iam among them as per my description of my authobiography where I started my initial course up to where iam as I now comment.nthambiro police post.

  • DismasMoriasiTom

    02-11 20:02:32

    Let me just laugh at this misleading info

  • MakokhaGilbert

    02-11 18:13:36

    but for now very great ,🥑🍒🍓🍍🍅♨️

  • ChumeMasauti

    02-12 13:54:22

    Thought provoking... #Statehousekenya must invest in national security with passion. Anything that threatens your sovereignty & boarders threatens your soul. That's why people lose lives over mere parcels of land boundary disputes. Such aggressions tantalising acts of war such as the likes of Migingo, South Sudan boarder, North Eastern Province and recently Ethiopia shooting down our civilian (worse if military) planes should be dealt with fierceness and brute force. #enough!


    02-11 19:44:49


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