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Opinion: Deputy President William Ruto Controlling Parliament Will Be a Huge Win | All Comments

2021-02-23 05:35:49
With BBI bill set to sail through 24 counties, the referendum is likely to be won by the propenents.The Deputy President William Ruto doesn't need to win in 2022 to influence government post 2022.All he needs is a majority in Parliament. ...
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  • JuliusNyambu

    02-23 07:30:06

    he can't, he has no numbers


    02-23 07:34:33

    its like the writer is from mass,don't you know that even ODM is the single largest political party only that jubilee is bigger as acoalition so Raila plus uhuru's mp in central,riftvalley and 34 other extras in central with ortmorpho rigging in others Uhurao will have grip in both houses and run this country dilligently

  • MirongoMwendaSamwel

    02-23 15:54:34

    dirhrearing No.s all the time. nothing to show?

  • GUEST_zdXewLe90

    02-23 07:51:04


  • AmbiyaAhmed

    02-23 14:24:52

    they will rull thenwhat are tbey not rulling now let them rull eveb my bef room , they will go with only coffen when they die

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