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Huge Win For DP William Ruto After Another Popular MP Finally Announced His Move To Hustler Nation | All Comments

2021-02-02 15:59:50
The Deputy President of Kenya Mr. William Samoei Ruto.  The hustler movement has continued to gather pace in recent months with several politicians opting for the political gospel being preached by the Deputy President. Ruto made a clever move to cultivat ...
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  • EvansAyora

    02-02 18:39:27

    it's obvious for a kalenjin mp to join there tribal chief

  • GUEST_xJDx1vE4g

    02-02 17:47:07

    every body come on board

  • GUEST_0mqeveM8w

    02-02 18:42:13

    Finally, everybody is headed for hustlers movement !

  • MarkMutai

    02-02 19:41:34

    Na huyu hustler anazoa kuzoa kweli

  • GUEST_2XPD3bkpX

    02-03 05:48:38

    It's health and good politics DP is preaching. We shall vote him highly, Bungoma is for Ruto.

  • GUEST_9N2Wy0aEy

    02-03 01:49:54

    BBI can make sense if Raila steps aside and allow a new president to nominate a non. executive pm. suppose Ruto is the President.. he can nominate Dr Matiang or mutula jr or mudavadi or orengo or balala or ... this will mitigate two tribes ruling without subverting one man one vote or people power

  • DavidMalelu

    02-02 20:10:35

    wellcome all

  • GUEST_y0l1Zm1Mk

    02-02 19:40:22

    When it is kalenjin it is trible potelea mbali!!

  • JustinaMwendwa

    02-02 19:14:41

    Come one come all. Hustler movement isbthe in thing!

  • GUEST_R7NgPJz9j

    02-02 19:01:17

    Ruto has made a very clever move because hustlers a nd mama


    02-03 00:46:00

    Criminals like Sonko can join Ruto 🕺🤺!!


    02-02 19:22:50

    all this wi come 2grand finale 2022..n ruto won't b president

  • Danieljones

    02-02 19:15:59

    which big move yet he is akale .

  • StephenMbithiNzivo

    02-03 17:13:26

    Don't tell us things which happened along time ago when Issac Ruto joined William Ruto all his friends went with them.

  • GUEST_Wq8KlRnm5

    02-03 09:57:34

    Every Kenyan to come on board of hustler nation movement membership.

  • GUEST_ggjMwZP65

    02-03 05:49:56

    Good move.Bravo!

  • GUEST_61LnmgZ3z

    02-02 19:27:03

    This is inconsequential

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