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Current Photos Of Mama Dangote And His Husband Uncle Shamte. See Netizens Reaction. | All Comments

2021-02-02 14:40:50
Mama Dangote is the Mother of Bongo flavour star Diamond Platnumz. Mama Dangote is living a good and luxurious life because of his son strive and hardwork in music. Diamond loves his mother very much. Mama Dangote has been in a relationship with Uncle Sham ...
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  • GUEST_gRXD1zyXl

    02-03 03:24:20

    She is a bad example to her son. An orange does not fall far from its tree!! Pride comes first then you fall miserably

  • GUEST_w3a50ZDJx

    02-02 18:23:02

    Like mother like son

  • GUEST_WAgkYwnrq

    02-02 16:34:34

    they look together with his husband

  • GUEST_oYOPJxq1m

    02-02 15:57:13

    and her husband

  • GUEST_zxj7vwdVd

    02-03 18:22:07

    He is just there because of money,I can't see love as you put it.

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