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Bobi Wine's Unexpected move which caught Museveni Offguard | All Comments

2021-01-13 14:51:40
President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has been in leadership for 35 Years. And his Political life he has never experienced a tough political challenge. Warren Kizza Besigye tried to challenge Museveni, but Unfortunately he did not make it. Now, this 36 year old ...
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  • GUEST_bd5rvJ8Ba

    01-13 16:17:09

    He wasn't harrased, he was just being taught to respect his elders, he has a big mouth. It should be cut to its size

  • +254-072480****

    01-13 19:04:27

    I had undermined Bobi Wine but the guy is up to the task, he plays mature politics and is composed. Only time will tell.

  • MikesMuthoni

    01-13 16:55:39

    take that dictator home very early in the morning#BW


    01-13 17:31:54

    dictatorship starts to fall that way!just a matter of time.


    01-13 16:17:13

    wise men win.... I luv the tactics

  • +254-72394****

    01-13 17:48:30

    its your time ...may the Lord hold onto you Bobi..i am inspired by your courage

  • MuloMulo_02

    01-13 19:49:10

    They can't handover power in a respectable way even if they are old

  • DomsyOmondi

    01-13 16:31:15

    Bobi go,continue moving despite the challenges you just go

  • GUEST_6qeOpg936

    01-13 20:14:55

    museveni is not liked by ugandans, he forces himself on the people

  • GUEST_GlvpKq2Ey

    01-13 20:47:24

    the change has come for Ugandans, God is not a respector of anybody no matter how powerful you are

  • TrustChokuda

    01-13 20:36:13

    the old regime must be shown exit....Museveni yr tine is up nw.

  • MuloMulo_02

    01-13 19:46:47

    Y do these pipo think they are the only ones to rule, time has come and he is too old .

  • ValentinoSilas

    01-13 19:22:05

    Change is inevitable. M7 is the only remaining dictator in Africa n he must fall

  • PraiseJoy

    01-13 18:49:16

    Bobi Wine, is ur time to reign. May God use u and deliver the Uganda from slavery. God be with u. Amen.

  • +260-97763****

    01-13 18:20:37

    if m7 then I will know that majority ugandans are not serious with their future. u can't have one leader fir 35 years as if he is a Messiah

  • +254-72394****

    01-13 17:49:13

    make sure you win before 6.00

  • Kenyanforkenyans

    01-13 17:45:34

    Go go bobi you deserve the position

  • DennisKalowekamo

    01-13 17:45:19

    In Malawi we rejected dictatorship in 1994 and no leader can take Malawians for a ride. 35 years in power is too much for an individual to come up with new changes to the Government. Good luck my brothers and sisters, vote wisely!

  • BrendaAmbayo

    01-13 17:35:54

    happy for you, may God see you through

  • AlionziChristopher

    01-13 16:15:32

    It's scary and crazy and more specifically horrific

  • McGreen

    01-14 09:36:31

    Museveni and his supporters can NEVER hand over power to Mr Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu even if he won the election by 500%...... The election will just be another sham election to hoodwink the world glare...

  • GUEST_m1EM4qye1

    01-14 09:11:07

    the way bobywines wyf has been tortured....ugandans fear God.it was saaaaad

  • +254-72221****

    01-14 08:25:38

    Does Boby really have a plan for Uganda other becoming the president? what does he want to do other than remove Museveni?

  • HenrySamoei

    01-14 05:15:08

    Museveni tosha

  • GUEST_Y2wXg60Me

    01-13 20:22:17

    Museveni might be very wicked, but, TO HELL WITH the so-called International Court of Justice when in fact it's NOT international, but a MANIPULATION organ against Africans

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