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Uproar as Utumbi Reveals Big Names Behind Chaos at UDA Offices, Amount the Youths Were Paid | All Comments

2021-01-14 17:04:29
Former Secretary innovations,Digital and diaspora communications in the office of the President,Digital strategist and Blogger Dennis Itumbi has caused a stir online after posting a list of names of politicians he claims sponsored a group of youths who cau ...
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  • StephenMbithiNzivo

    01-16 07:28:18

    U talk of deep state all the time are u one of them if no how did u get the info from Muthangari police station.

  • GUEST_yaLz7MwJq

    01-15 13:04:21

    Siasa bado, tutaanza mahali mutakua mmefika. Sisi sio Kuku turushiwe mahindi. Cheap politicts.

  • JosephKikata

    01-15 09:11:15

    tangatanga wacheni propaganda lakini nrb mtanyoroshwa ngojeni tu siasa ziaze ndipo mtatambua hustler hana ufuasi nrb

  • GUEST_w0vYgBjYb

    01-15 05:29:48

    Police should tell public why Baby Owino is not in jail.

  • GUEST_Ok2g29Z3o

    01-15 01:59:14

    ,,,,,,, xx

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