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Kenyans React After Millie Odhiambo Wrote This on Her Love to Kalenjins | All Comments

2021-03-19 13:30:30
Kenyans have reacted after Mbita member of parliament Millie Odhiambo wrote this on her official Facebook page.Odhiambo is a staunch supporter of the opposition leader Raila Odinga 2022 presidential bid.Through his official Facebook page Millie Odhiambo wr ...
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  • GordonObiero

    03-19 16:49:15

    Wow!!....I love the way our Kalenjin brothers are expressing their love for our daughter Milly Odhiambo! I can't wait to see one of them who's a man enough to come forward openly and ask her hand in marriage!! But you must be a man enough, she's a very tough lady!!

  • GUEST_lj4W9zE1v

    03-20 09:55:16

    To me for Hon millie Odhiambo to love kalenjin people is not a surprise because she is a nilote of luo origin and the kalenjin are too nilotes,they all originated from the same crandle land in Kyipta that is Egypt, for your information it is the kalenjin and the luos who pyramids of Egypt during the reign of a Nubian pharaoh 5000 years ago before they migrated southward following river Nile, remember Cairo is named given by Luos meaning a place of hard labour

  • GUEST_WlaWXbEgb

    03-21 19:56:48

    milly kindly beg Railla to form qualition with Rutto we luo and kalenjin are closer brother and sisters I don't know when did rain starts bitting us Railla is elder than Rutto we can make Railla president then Rutto finally millie odhiambo

  • GUEST_7EnlV3byX

    03-20 21:48:00

    Keep it up that 💕 for Kales, they are strong loveable beings.

  • GUEST_rDw6r2JJg

    03-20 07:50:26

    roho Safi na bila uoga km cc ,our sis Kam om highly welkam


    03-19 19:38:22

    Millie yawa.great love from kalenjin nation.we luv courage mum.keep it up but tone down on bile to bill.remember vile alidefend baba when wakora deep state stole our victory.mpaka hata Haque akaenda

  • +254-71739****

    03-19 20:50:03

    huyu mwanamke ni mapenzi tuu ndiyo anaongelea, kwani alichaguliwa aende akatafute waume, hii nibala gani

  • GUEST_rDw6r2JJg

    03-20 07:44:44

    fearless mum who can challenge deep state,ata sisi kale ni fearless why do we join together mummy love u ❤️

  • BenardTonui_03

    03-19 15:41:38

    we luv hardworking n firm women,,,,

  • WilsonMelly

    03-19 15:26:20

    Chamgei akinyee Millie kichamin nebo iman....kongoi.

  • GUEST_X6Za7L0we

    03-21 18:58:10

    It seems waliku mumunya sana wanaume wao?


    03-20 03:28:25

    Indeed your fearless sense of humour is a noble character for emulation

  • WilliceOdhiamboOnyango

    03-19 16:59:26

    thanks for showing love to our sister am married to a kalenjin and we are blessed with brilliant siblings

  • sammyRutto_01

    03-19 15:20:25

    You're a champion, and a fighter, I give you hi 5.

  • GUEST_Qb2aLnw3v

    03-19 21:02:05

    Why not Somalis madam.

  • ProtichKirui_01

    03-19 18:09:16

    Indeed we love your boo

  • GUEST_4Xo1gvD5D

    03-19 16:55:12

    true or tumechezwa

  • GUEST_n1JdjbJQr

    03-19 17:59:32

    Chamgei Mweshimiwa? We love you we respect you. Welcome to Baringo and Kalenjin land at large.


    03-19 17:17:15

    You don't know what Millie is saying. A politician of Milly's calibre don't just talk. Time will tell.

  • KipropSigei_01

    03-19 17:07:49

    .....you are politically courageous Millie but don't over do it....in any case I like the way you approach.......

  • GUEST_O9EZqZxz1

    03-19 16:55:10

    You are reminding us what you did at KICC and the aftermath that you visited on innocent civilians??? We will never ever forget this.

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