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After His 2022 'Thieves' Declaration, Uhuru Now Announces What he Will be Doing This Year | All Comments

2021-02-18 14:20:38
President Uhuru Kenyatta has suggested that he will be using this year to try and realize as many of the promises he had made to Kenyans during the campaign period. ...
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  • GUEST_J6J6Jve6v

    02-18 19:22:14

    Who is this thief you keep on talking about unless you people know something that some of us don't. The president didn't name anybody or it goes without saying.

  • John(Mr)

    02-18 16:56:31

    It is too late Mr president.

  • SusanSang

    02-18 17:21:45

    Just asking

  • mtaf

    02-19 12:11:36


  • +254-72011****

    02-18 18:46:28

    just concentrate on BBI

  • JohnLangat_14

    02-18 17:40:31

    KEMSA packs of thieves!

  • JohnLangat_14

    02-18 17:37:56

    This year ?. What did you do do all those years ? Thieving ?

  • +254-72294****

    02-19 16:30:51

    Why cry after 8 wasted years?????

  • GUEST_Y1A60ykrr

    02-18 18:53:31

    ur performance compared with the other president,URS is 0.ur the worst corrupt president,

  • JesseNjoka

    02-18 17:39:24

    kenya is going to the dogs .

  • GUEST_N83XMjqkZ

    02-18 17:21:56

    Kenyatta says he wants to live Kenya in best hands who told him that with him Kenya is in good hands? We voted for him for Ruto's sake because we didn't trust his sobriety. To date the hours that he's sober are negligible. In whose opinion is Uhuru good hands? Has it ever occurred to him that Kibaki did not compel voters for Kenyans?

  • GUEST_75R1rp2rq

    02-18 16:19:15


  • SusanSang

    02-18 17:21:16

    Is Bbi one of the development projects

  • GUEST_jw62PJw5N

    02-18 18:49:57

    Now that the thief is not there he can do a lot in this one year

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