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Is your mother still alive? If she is make sure you do her these 4 things before regrets strike you | All Comments

2021-02-18 10:57:25
Mothers are the best gifts we have from God.When you have the privilege of having one then you are lucky.Others lost their mothers at birth.They live to regret why they couldn't do for them certain things. ...
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  • GUEST_opojw6z5v

    02-18 13:56:51

    Very very good words

  • GUEST_VzlgZLlX4

    02-18 14:32:47


  • GUEST_VEw53k1g2

    02-18 19:46:52


  • DeBuffaloSogo

    02-18 16:20:25


  • GUEST_Bp0We9Po2

    02-19 12:29:09

    I agree dear one, i love my parents be blessed

  • GUEST_vxady4DJX

    02-19 11:19:56

    Who have seen my mother ? Tell her I love her wherever she is.

  • ReginaUdoka

    02-19 06:11:42

    good talk some of them don't know this thanks

  • GUEST_vp3O3mBpL

    02-18 20:25:33

    Ooh yes

  • Kairitu

    02-18 14:07:22

    True, but I love both dad and mum the same. My mum gave birth to us but dad made sure we grew up well in all ways.

  • GUEST_6WEa7gv8J

    02-18 13:55:47

    what about the fathers,what have we done sure please GOD helper us

  • GUEST_j2rPwzlkV

    02-18 15:30:18

    waaauw thank you.

  • GUEST_6a3qJwJop

    02-18 14:47:39

    Those with parents take care of them. Mimi naumia hapa

  • MaryKufanga_01

    02-18 14:19:33

    Both parents are a blessing from God, l love you dad and Mum.

  • BrownRamson

    02-18 13:29:25

    respect to all mothers

  • GUEST_eg03o4jwG

    02-18 13:04:01

    thank you for the advise

  • Polysports

    02-18 12:24:31

    Advice from the wise man💪

  • +260-97732****

    02-18 16:35:43

    Tru writer. To those of us who still 've both parents make sure you make them happy. Ts sad 2many men tend to 4get their parents once they get married. The daughter/mother in-law relationship is in most instances so sour~~your is mother is this,your mother is that....men work up. As 4women,rememeber you reap what you sow. You'll one day 've daughters in-law as well. You won't like it if you're mistreated.

  • GUEST_xYrWmV2Pm

    02-18 13:12:16

    Great advice, mothers should be appreciated always. Thank you

  • GUEST_gg5O2AxmA

    02-19 18:45:51

    so fathers have never been lucky🙊

  • GUEST_3P6wjgDDX

    02-18 20:23:29

    Making sense

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